Florida wild hog hunting is one of the most exhilarating hunts to experience.  It’s an adrenaline rush when the dogs have a huge wild boar bayed up and you catch the hog alive!  We are fully licensed and insured to trap, catch, and transport feral hogs in Florida.


We come face to face with this prehistoric reptile at a high rate of speed in our airboat!  We track and surprise the gator, grab it, hold on tight and it’s ours!  This is not what you see on a TV reality show, we use primitive weapons to pull in a gator, including knives and harpoons.


Swamp Mountain Outfitters owns and maintains two farms in southwest Ohio’s Amish country where we find whitetail deer are abundant in season for the beginner or experienced hunter.  We practice QDM by planting seasonal plots and maintaining feeders with trail cameras.  We usually hunt with bows and like to be up close and personal with the game we harvest.


The wild turkey is Ohio’s largest upland game bird that stands 3-4 feet tall and weighs up to 24 pounds, with a slim build, slim neck and a nearly featherless head.  Few things are more exciting than calling in a big Tom!  Our property is full of wild turkeys in the spring and our clients look forward to the hunt and the reward.