How We Can Help You.

Swamp Mountain Outfitters is fully insured to trap and catch Feral Hogs. We use Dogo Argentinos and Jagd Terriers to catch and hold the quarry until they relinquish them to us. We are a registered Feral Swine Dealer and can legally transport live feral hogs within the state of Florida. The Feral Hogs or Wild Pigs can be kept for your barbecuing pleasure or we can take them.

Without any type of prevention, a wild hog population can double in only 4 months. Young pigs can become sexually mature in 6 months. A typical litter of hogs ranges from 6-16, and a single female may have as many as 3 litters within 14 months.

Do the math!

Our method to remove hogs is by the use of trained Dogo Argentino hunting dogs. Our dogs are our house pets; they show no aggression towards people or livestock. They do not bark and are silent throughout the hunt. Our dogs are trained to only relinquish the hog to us and will not kill the hogs.

No guns are used in order to protect the livestock, wild life, our dogs and people. Hogs are taken alive or dispatched with a knife.

If you’ve seen one hog on your property, there are probably at least another 10 you haven’t seen!

If you have, or suspect you have, a feral hog infestation, please contact us to discuss your options for removal.