Dogo Argentinos

The Dogo Argentino is an outstanding athlete, capable of running great distances in pursuit of its quarry, while still having enough power to fight, subdue and hold it when it catches.  They are excellent catch dogs and will fight and hold dangerous game to the point of death if necessary.

While hunting, our dogs are fully suited in Kevlar vests from chin to waist to protect them.

The dogs are electronically GPS tracked to maintain communication with them to ensure they do not wonder on to neighboring land and facilities.

    Dogo Argentino

    • Female born in April of 2011
    • Weighs 78 pounds
    • Close hunter
    • Great nose, can wind and track hogs
    • Amazing hunting instinct but will not chase after deer, cattle, or other animals
    • Extremely loving and loyal
    • She loves the water and enjoys getting dirty and muddy whenever she gets the opportunity.
    • As a pup she didn’t want to walk in the wet grass which is ironic because there’s nothing she wouldn’t walk through now!

      Dogo Argentino

      • Intact Female born in August 2011
      • Weighs 78 pounds
      • Medium hunter
      • Great nose and instinct to find hogs, winds hogs
      • Catch hard
      • Extremely fast and agile
      • Mother to a litter of 10 healthy puppies, no runts or deaths. She was an excellent mother and took very good care of all her pups. She was back to hunting in less than 8 weeks after having her pups.
      • 2 pups were sold to Army and Navy vets to be trained as Service Dogs for PTSD.
      • Very loving and loyal
      • She loves to hunt but she is also a diva!
      • Vixen and Pumpkin are actually half sisters.

        Jagd Terrier

        • Intact Male born in June 2011
        • Weighs
        • Height =
        • Medium to long range hunter
        • High energy
        • Super nose
        • Gritty as a dog comes
        • Very social and well mannered
        • Fears no hog!

          Black Mouth Cur

          • Intact Male born April 2012
          • Weight 55 lbs
          • Height
          • High energy and fast
          • Gritty as they come and as we demand. Dogs that have distant conversations with hogs aren’t for us
          • Good nose and hunts with his nose down, medium to long range hunter
          • He was horrible and wouldn’t swim. David trained and cared for him and may have been a cull for us. We didn’t quit on him and he didn’t quit on us.  He is an excellent hunting dog now.  One day it just “all clicked” for him. We are proud and very glad to have him!

            Black Mouth Cur

            • Female born April of 2012.
            • Rain and Storm are brother and sister from the same litter.
            • Gritty and super athletic.
            • She will climb a wall and has an amazing ability to escape out of almost any enclosure to get to where she wants!
            • She hunts nose down like her brother.
            • She opens up on track if she can’t get her teeth in the hog. She would be considered semi-open mouthed and this is why we decided to fix her. She was never bred.
            • She winds and tracks as good as any dog out there
            • She is a medium range hunter