Welcome to Swamp Mountain!

Swamp Mountain outfitters is a privately owned hunting and hog eradication service located in Tampa, Florida.  We are fully insured to trap and catch Feral Hogs which are becoming a huge problem throughout Florida. Not only are they dangerous animals but they are very destructive.

We use Dogo Argentinos and Jagd Terriers to catch and hold the quarry until they relinquish them to us. We are a registered Feral Swine Dealer and can legally transport live feral hogs within the state of Florida. The Feral Hogs or Wild Pigs can be kept for your barbecuing pleasure or we can take them.

Our services include:

  • Feral hog eradication
  • Feral hog trapping

Hire a Certified Expert for Hog Removal

Feral pigs are very dangerous animals and should only be dealt with by a professional, licensed, insured and permitted wildlife removal company.

We work with government land, private farms,  golf courses, homeowners associations, businesses and homeowners to safely remove wild hogs that are destroying property and costing them time and money to repair and replace landscaping, sod, irrigation systems and more.

We are a professional wild hog live trapping and removal service in the Tampa Bay area.

  “Track, Bite, or Hold The Light!”

Professional Feral Hog Removal Sites

  • Residential Property

  • Private Farms

  • Government land

  • Golf Courses

  • Cemeteries/Private Properties

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